Feng shui for wealth.

When health is discussed in Feng shui, a lot of other areas apart from the physical body are discussed and considered. Feng shui for Health deals with stress and being grounded, balance, peace of mind and even the emotional and mental well-being of our clients which addresses issues related to confidence. There are different ways to accomplish all these and fully depend on the type of Feng shui that you will choose to practice.


One of the best ways to lift spirits, energy, and even health is by simply clearing clutters. Our physical well-being greatly depends on our mental or even emotional state. Living in a home full of clutter is just like carrying around extra. One should regularly clear the clutters and the unwanted pounds that drop off regularly. When one lives in a clutter free environment, one will experience a clutter-free mind hence you will be easily motivated to change your eating habits or even engage in different types of exercises.


There are artificial plants and a real plant. There are five elements of plants in Feng shui. The most common element associated with health is wood. This means that by simply having vibrant and healthy plants around your home there will be a positive impact to the occupants of that area. The plants should be healthy and vibrant so as to ensure they don’t cause illnesses to the occupants. The artificial plants must be made to look real.

Items that are not living, driftwood and even dried flowers are a major cause of drain in health and energy. If they are treated such as cabinets, picture frames, and even furniture they will pose no harm to the occupants. When treated, they can be easily stored and still look vibrant. Drift wood and dry plants continue to dry out as time passes. They get discolored and at times rot hence draining, even more, energy. One should replace the dried flowers from time to time. Both the real and dry plants should be kept free from dust.


Colors blue and green represent health the same way as wood does. Emerald green, forest green and other deep lush shades of green have a very big impact on health. Seafoam which is cooler greens should be used sparingly as they can have draining effects on health. Blue-green and dark blue shades are very supportive in health issues. One should select a color that he/she loves as one of the main principles of Feng shui is to live with what you love. Using a color that you donít love will only end up draining you than uplifting you.


By improving one’s sleep, one will have greatly improved his/her health. This could be by either increasing the quality of sleep that you get or even increasing the sleeping time. You should go to bed and wake up at the same time each and every day. This is despite the fact that you may be going to work or not. By having a consistency, the quality of sleep will be increased and hence the health levels.

Reflective objects such as glasses and even framed pictures normally impair sleep. This includes mirrors. Mirrors are commonly known for their ability to circulate energy and in case you have a big mirror, you might end up getting the impression that there is a big party going on in your bedroom and you still want to sleep as the party goes on. If it is not possible to remove the mirrors, they should all be covered during sleep time. You could even decide to hang curtains in front of the mirrors and later on open them during the day when you want to use the mirror.

Storing things in the bedroom.

When items are stored under the bed, they tend to send energy back to you. One should not store anything under the bed so that air can circulate easily. This means Chi too. In case you must store things under your bed then they must be calm or quite items which may include off-season clothing and extra beddings. Athletic equipment and clothing shouldn’t be stored under the bed. Collections of action videos, books, and even shoes should also be avoided. These things tend to keep the body and mind awake. The bedroom should only be used for romance and sleeping .Treadmills, bookcases, and desks should be avoided at all costs. One should have a bedroom that is a bedroom only.

You should pay close attention to all the things that you think or even say you could get rid of them in case you are less stressed, happy, in better shape or even healthy. One should never ignore such feelings and thoughts. Follow them. This is because if you happen to release them, you might end up finding that joy, health and even peace that you have been looking for.


By simply having a nice surrounding, you will have made a major step in increasing your health.You should also surround yourself with the right people as they will make you happy hence decreasing your levels of stress.Try to ensure that your sleeping area is always clean and quite.You should also make sure that your sleeping area is well illuminated