3 Feng Shui Hints To Improve Your Health & Well-Being

When you are considering about applying feng shui at home, feng shui for health is the first step.  Regardless of your health condition, slightly being out of balance, or suffering from serious health condition for a while, feng shui can help you to boost energy levels and remain healthy.

When you apply feng shui for health, it should always be done according to priorities of processes, as you must create a good base first to make more advanced feng shui work. If you skip the fundamental feng shui health steps, there is no use of going deeper feng shui levels.

It is the same with putting on make-up, even if you use the top quality make-up, it wonít help your skin look great  in a long run unless your skin is looked after well daily and in healthy condition. The same theory applies to more advanced health feng shui. In order to make a good feng shui foundation for a healthy home, you must begin with feng shui health fundamentals.

Are you ready for the fundamental feng shui steps for good health?

Below are the “essential” feng shui priorities for a home which will promote lively health:

1. Fresh and clean air. Saying is one thing, doing another. Itís true. It is often overlooked, but the good quality air is actually the number 1 feng shui health priority. Based on feng shui, get air-purifying plants, frequently open the window to let the fresh air flow into space, use essential oils to purify the air and so on. Try everything which will help to improve the air quality in your home. Regularly breathing clean air is the feng shui basics for your well-being and health.

2. Abundant natural light. The light includes indoor lighting as well. So create a smart and intelligent lighting arrangement. Just like air step, saying is one thing, doing another. However, once you engage in the element of light, pretty soon you will notice some changes in your well-being and health. Light is our primal nutrient, so be smart and provide your body with the abundant nutrition of light. Remember, color is light as well in feng shui, so wisely use feng shui colors.

3. Neet and orderly space. Again, it is not that easy to do. Therefore, people often ignore this tidy up feng shui step in favor of more “attractive” feng shui. However, try to understand that the negative energy of cluttered space takes out all the positive Feng suit colors or plants or wind chimes. You just have to handle your mess, as mess consistently takes out energy from you.

Once you have completed above feng shui health basic steps, then you can begin to apply more distinctive feng shui. For example, you can place lush green plants as wood feng shui element, or water features as water feng shui element in the East part of your house. If you are unable to have them, then you can bring in the energy of the necessary  feng shui elements by using  color. For example, brown or green can substitute wood, and black or blue can substitute water.  Alternatively, you can substitute them with feng shui art featuring ocean, river, lake  or affluent greenery.