10 Top Tips For Healthy Feng Shui Living

I: Be sure that your entry space and/or doorway are clear. It’s not smart to have an obstacle to overcome as soon as you enter your house. This gives you something negative that you must negotiate around. This breaks up your flow, so you certainly don’t want to have to enter your home with obstacles waiting to greet you. This can only short-circuit your energy.

II: Pay close attention to your air quality. When it comes to health, air quality is the basis of everything. For this reason, it should be your first priority. While some people do live in the country where there is ample clean air, there are certainly others who live in city situations where the air is filled with unhealthy particles such as soot, pollution and more.

It’s very important that you take whatever steps are necessary to be sure that the air in your home is clean and clear. Some ideas include:

* Install an air purifier.
* Make smart use of essential oils.
* Grow healthy, air purifying houseplants.

Any or all of these practices will help keep the air in your home clean, clear and refreshing.

III: Be sure your home is filled with natural light. You are sure to feel an improvement in your energy level when you let natural light into your home. Make certain that your windows and window coverings are always clean. Don’t let your windowsills be cluttered up with unnecessary light-blocking objects.

It goes without saying that if the natural light available to you is not ample to your needs, there are lots of indoor lighting alternatives that are smart, intelligent and thrifty from which you can choose. You will find that when you light your home appropriately, your energy level will rise by as much as 10 times.

IV: Be sure to get plenty of high-quality sleep by positioning your bed correctly. Place your bed so that the head is not facing in the direction of the door. You’re sure to find that this feels more comfortable. If you have a bedmate, be sure to have a proper, continuous mattress. In other words, don’t push two twin beds together to make a king-size. This will leave you with a big gap in the middle of the bed, and that will not be comfortable. Remember that having a divide in the middle of your bed divides you and your partner in other ways.

V: Don’t allow dust to pile up underneath furniture. Even though you can’t see the dust underneath your bed or in your closets, it’s still there. Great drifts of dust have a tendency to block the flow of energy.

VI: Give your kitchen a paint job. When you paint your kitchen in a pastel shade, it promotes positive energy. If you paint your kitchen in a bright orange or red, it promotes your appetite. Look at the color of your kitchen now and determine how it’s vibrations affect you. Choose a new shade that will help you feel just right.

VII: Keep at least 3 feet of space between furnishings. Generally speaking, you should have at least 3 feet of open space between each item of furniture. This allows energy to flow freely, and it will let your mind rest.

For myself, I have made adjustments to this 3 feet rule by making it 3 feet between areas for seating. For example, if I had 3 feet between my coffee table and my sofa and 3 feet between my side chair and table, I wouldn’t have enough room in my apartment for my furnishings. Aside from that, it would look strange, and it would not be comfortable. For this reason, I simply make sure to have 3 feet between natural groupings of furniture. This has the same effect of preventing furniture jams.

VIII: Decorate in an organic and earth friendly manner. Using materials from the earth such as clay and wood and decorating in earth tones has a comforting and calming effect. When you learn about clay, you’re sure to be surprised by the many very attractive shades that are available.

IX: Get rid of the clutter. If you have old newspapers and magazines piling up, clothes that you haven’t worn for years and other items that you don’t regularly use that are just sitting around, get rid of them! Even if you have done everything that I’ve listed here so far, having excessive clutter will cancel out all of your efforts. You can grow plants, paint your kitchen and dust and your bed until you’re blue in the face, but if you have lots of clutter sitting around you will not have positive Feng Shui.

X: Keep your refrigerator full of healthy foods. If you followed all the steps above, you have created excellent energy throughout your house. Now it’s time to put healthy food in your refrigerator. Be sure to have ample whole, natural foods on hand such as whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies and organic lean protein sources.

When you follow the tips presented here, you’re sure to enjoy a peaceful, happy and energy filled life! Shout it from the mountaintops!