6 Feng Shui Tips to bring Peace, Health and Wealth to your Home

Feng Shui is the oriental practice of positioning objects in a home, office or mausoleum to ensure optimal alignment with the unseen spiritual and energetic forces that surround us. Make your home a haven of nourishment for your mind, body and spirit by practicing these six tips to enhance the feng shui of your living environment.

1. Remove your Shoes
Removing your shoes before entering your home is an important ritual to ensure that the stress of the outside world does not enter the home.
This is a purposeful method of creating a haven of peaceful energy within; if you like to place an ornate trunk or shoe rack just outside the entrance. The act of pausing to remove your shoes is symbolic of cleansing the heart and mind of the filth and troubles of an outside world.

2. Keep Your environment Clear of Clutter
Clutter and disorganization bring a disturbance to your flow. Rampant disorganization can exaggerate any minor stress you may encounter. Think of how you feel if you are late and canít find your keys, important papers or cell phone.

Disorder creates confusion and clouds your clear perception of the present moment. Be sure your bedroom, workspace, and closets are clean and organized. Beginning the day with serenity will make you stronger to face the world. Perhaps the best antidote to stress is a well-appointed life in a well-maintained living environment.

3. Let the Mighty Serenity of the Natural World Fill your Home

Let the abundant force of nature’s light, fresh air, and lush vegetation fill you and your surroundings. Open your doors and windows to invite the energy in. As the sun goes down, avoid the glaring electric lights for an hour before bed; allow your body to naturally slip into the cover of night.

Use soft lights and candles in your bathrooms and install dimmer switches in the bedrooms, hallways, and any room you will spend a lot of time in. For greater harmony and life-bringing oxygen have a selection of healthy greenery around your home. Avoid plants that look dead or droopy; they only sap the positive energies revive them outside if you can.

4. Create a Soothing Sleeping Environment and Restful Habits

You will sleep better if you create an environment that is more conducive to rest. Choose the room away from the outside street. The positioning of your bed must be considered too; for optimal relaxation, the best place for your bed would be in the back corner of the bedroom, diagonally opposite the entrance.

This spot is ideal; with your back to the solid wall you have a commanding view of the room and door and are also protected from fast moving energy flows entering your space. Avoid watching TV before bed, the flashing lights, evanescent figures, and negative situations can reach your positive energy. Violence and fear can slip into your subconscious and give troubled dreams.

5. Choose your Colors with Purpose
Choose colors that calm the mind and stimulate relaxation. Choose soothing greens, blues, peaches and lavender tones for your walls, rugs, artwork, and bedding. Ask yourself what color makes you feel happy, serene, warm or loved then find the best place in your home for that feeling.

Soft neutral tones have an amazing calming effect; choose some candles with these soft tones and enhance the colors in your home. Intuition is the best master here.

6. Be mindful of the Sounds filling Your Home

Create a calming environment by playing a compilation of natural sounds. The sounds of waves gently lapping on the rocks, songbirds or even the rustling of leaves in the wind can naturally soothe your soul and reduce your heart rate considerably.

Be sure you select a recording of natural sounds and not electronically generated noise. This is food for your soul; the life-force energy of nature is for the healing of your mind and body and only 100 percent natural is healthy food.

Only when your world is calm and your mind is quiet will you be still enough to hear the guidance of your soul. It is imperative for your spiritís health that you work to create the surroundings that invite you to sit stop trying to be and just be. When this is done you will have created an energizing environment to nourish your soul a piece of paradise in your four walls; the perfect place to begin to build toward your life goals.