5 Feng Shui Tips For Improving Your Well-Being And Health

There are numerous Feng shui tips that can help to improve your well-being and health. That saying “health is wealth” probably originated with the feng shui masters from ancient times. It can’t be overstated how important vibrant health is because if you don’t have good health not much else really matters. There’s a direct relationship in feng shui between the quality of energy that your office and home have and your health.

From a feng shui standpoint, what is the state of your environment’s health? What about your bedroom? How is the air quality in your place of business or home?

Many businesses and homes suffer from stagnant and low feng shui energy. There are studies that show that numerous businesses and homes are below the energy level needed to maintain good health for the individuals who work or live there.

Let’s take a look at some of the simple and basic feng shui tips. They can help with improving your health and provide you with joyful well-being and overall happiness.

Tip No. 1: Be Aware Of What You Are Breathing In

The problem of outdoor air pollution is very well known. However, not many people know that indoor air pollution is a lot worse than it is outdoors. Unless you’re living or working in a truly environmentally friendly and green building, you need to constantly work on air quality in your space. If you fail to take care of it, no feng shui health cures are going to help, since air quality is the number one priority of feng shui for your health.

Air purifying plants are the easiest and most effective way of taking care of your office or home’s air quality while still improving the feng shui energy substantially. These plants can easily be found in a flower shop. Get as many as you can for your space. Have one or two tall and big plants like an Areca palm.

Tip No. 2: Use Color And Light

The quality and color its main expression) of natural light are both essential nutrients for your well-being and health. It isn’t just how much natural light you get throughout the day, it also involves the presence of beautiful, vibrant colors that nourish your energy.

When you spend lots of time indoors, make sure you invest in full spectrum lights for nourishing your energy. In addition, be sure to have vibrant art inside your office or home- make it joyful and happy with alive, fresh colors. Whether it’s fresh flower or a wall color, just be aware that your energy is greatly strengthened by light and color being present.

Tip No. 3: Feng Shui In Your Health Area

When it comes to feng shui, every office or home has specific areas (defined by a feng shui energy map or bag) that are responsible for various aspects of your life. Of course, your health depends on the whole space’s overall energy space. However, two areas are connected at a much deeper energy level to your well-being’s state.

The first is your office or home’s center, while the second is the Health and Family Bagua area. Numerous feng shui cures are available, both modern and traditional, that can be used for improving your health, ranging from the simple use of Water and Wood element colors like black, blue, green and brown to using lucky bamboo or a Laughing Buddha sculpture.

Tip No. 4: Create Spa Energy Inside Your Bathroom

Feng-shui wise, your feel of well-being is connected intricately to your bathroom’s quality of energy. You have no doubt heard how bathrooms can be very challenging from a feng shui perspective, making it even more important to consistently and diligently apply great feng shui to the room.

It isn’t hard to provide your bathroom with a spa feel to it, but you need to start out with a clutter free and very clean foundation first. After you have accomplished that, next bring in some art that will please your senses, in addition to a few candles along with an aromatherapy diffuser so that you can start to enjoy very good feng shui inside your bathroom.

Tip No. 5: Incorporate Feng Shui Inside Your Bedroom

We spend a lot of our time in the bedroom (around 1/3 of our entire lives), so you definitely need to concentrate on your bedroom having good energy. It’s vital for your well-being in addition to the quality and health of your intimate relationship. After consulting for years, in my experience, I can definitely say that a majority of bedrooms have the very sad energy (despite having a nice appearance).

Having great feng shui inside your bedroom is a simple application while being complex at the same time. It also takes consistent effort. It needs to become second nature. You need to take certain steps, such as allowing natural light into the room during the day, not storing things under the bed, maintaining good air flow, keeping your closets organized and clean and so forth. It may appear to be a lot of hard work, however, trust me these things can be quite enjoyable.

After you feel and know what a big difference those steps can make to improve your good-being, you’ll love taking these steps on a daily basis to refresh your bedroom’s energy. I have multiple tips for how to create good feng shui inside your bedroom, ranging from how you can create great feng shui in your home’s most important room to how your bed should be positioned for good feng shui. Make sure to read these tips and understand them. Know that when you apply them, they will do wonders for your well-being.

All you need is some patience, effort, and consistency with using feng shui. It will transform your house into a space that is pleasurable and beautiful that completely supports your well-being and health. Start with the small steps today, and don’t ever stop creating good energy.